Partner With Us

Thank you for choosing to join hands with us in this noble cause. At Energime University, we believe that we have a big responsibility to ensure that we leave future generations with a healthy and clean environment.

Energime University has been a registered nonprofit 501c3 Charitable Organization since 2014 which means that every donation comes with tax benefits to the donors. We will send you a tax-deductible receipt when you make a donation.


Our Current Projects

Please partner with us in one or more of the projects below. Click the links to read more about each project and how your donation will be used.

  • Curriculum Development: Developing new ways to better care for our environment.
  • Scholarships: Ensuring that everybody has access to this training whether they can afford it or not.
  • Media Production: Production of training media that can be easily adopted by the masses.
  • Training Platforms: Creation of interactive platforms that make training more effective.


Donation benefits:

It goes without saying that you will feel good for helping our environment you will also enjoy the following benefits,

  • Donating is good for your company’s brand. It’s a great topic to blog about and shows your audience that you are giving back. It is also a great topic for a press release.
  • We endorse donors on our website,
  •  Donations are tax deductible.


Click on any of the projects below to make your donation today:




Become a Fundraiser

Do you feel that you are in a position get our message across to even more people? We are always looking for fundraisers to work with in our various projects. Click here to read more about how you can become a fundraiser.