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Energime University needs your help. Humankind is heading into unfamiliar territory as we move into the 21st century. Never before in our history have so many people had to survive on a planet faced with such rapidly diminishing natural resources. The prosperity and uncontrolled expansion of the twentieth century has led us to the brink. Through our overuse of fossil fuels and poor global waste management practices, we have damaged our biosphere on an unprecedented level. Soon the issues of adequate food, clean water, affordable clean energy, and a healthy environment will reach critical stages for much of our global population. This generation is now challenged with the task of reversing our current course before it is too late.

To achieve this turn around will require a new kind of student/worker. Tomorrow’s classroom will focus on new innovative technologies, improving system efficiency, sustainable development, and low carbon industry and growth. A global platform that teaches those new skills and provides affordable or free access to that specific knowledge and training is needed to address these efforts.

Energime University is a not-for-profit 501-(3c) charitable organization with one mission. Our esteemed and learned staff is committed to providing the visionary curriculum and teaching the life changing courses that will help turn the tide. Through this process our educators will empower students and workers throughout the world with the guidance and mentorship necessary to be a part of this historic effort.

Energime University has a vision of putting learning annexes in tens of thousands of cities, towns, and villages throughout the world. We intend to partner with school districts, Universities, social welfare/ humanitarian groups, and area corporations in delivering this critical content. Every region and country will have different challenges. Customized curriculums will need to be designed addressing specific issues and tailored to local education infrastructure and cultural norms. Courses will have to be translated into scores of languages and the logistics of managing a global education on-line/on-the-ground platform are staggering. We need your support if we are to achieve these very ambitious goals. Only with your help can we respond to these challenges in a time frame that will have the substantive impact we are all hoping for. It is only through mass re-education that we can lay the groundwork for protecting our population, our resources, and our environment. Please be generous and give what you can to this historic effort. This only works if we all work together!

We would really appreciate your help in this effort. Here is how you can make a difference in helping us reach our common goals.


For Everyone

  1. Go to our Facebook site and “like” it.
  2. Invite your Facebook contacts and ask them to join the site and “like” it.
  3. Go to our Youtube video and “like” it.
  4. Upload our video to your Facebook page with a request for your friends to go to our sites and “like” it.
  5. Do what you can to spread the word and encourage people to do the same.

This will help support our social networking effort and will work towards building critical mass so Facebook and Crowd funding sites pick up on our effort and start advertising and promoting the University. Thank you in advance.

For Bloggers, Journalists, and Social Networkers:

Write about what Energime University is trying to accomplish and it’s importance in training our global workforce to reverse environmental destruction ensuring a promising future for our children. Encourage folks to spread the word, participate directly, and to contribute to the effort. Drive them to our online sites. Your voice and efforts is at the forefront of raising social consciousness and public awareness. Your help is most appreciated.

For Corporate Groups, Organizations, Educators, Scientists, Inventors, Sustainability Experts, Professionals, and Social Leaders

  1. Write a letter stating your support on your letterhead expressing the importance of what Energime University is attempting to do. We will add you to our website as a supporter and announce your support through our social networking efforts. Your name and the respect you command are crucial to bringing validity to this effort.
  2. If you wish to actively participate in this effort, state what you would be willing to do based on your area of expertise or influence. (Folks who participate as teachers, lecturers, or technical support will be paid for their work) We cannot have enough quality people involved in this project.
  3. Post information about the University at your place of work, and on your website encouraging people to get involved. Please let them know that we stand together. Folks are just looking for a starting point to join the fight. Energime will be meeting with many funding sources over the next few months. Demonstrating consensus and widespread backing will go a long way towards encouraging their strong support.

For Students

We need to organize! Energime wants a student organization on every major University Campus and College in the world. You are our future. We are fighting for you and the world you are going to inherit. We must start building an army of our most talented, gifted, and committed young people if we are to have any real chance at turning things around. It is you that will be on the front lines when things get difficult and our population is desperate for leaders and visionaries. Make the commitment. This is the path you were born to follow and we will give you the tools you need to excel. Please consider a future committed to this most important effort. We cannot fail. There is no plan B.Work with us. Let Energime provide the platform for you to reach a global audience and/or agree to incorporate our supportive sustainable curriculum, training, and lectures into your course offerings for students who are interested. We can help each other if we combine our resources.

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