Dr. Rich Sapienza

Executive Director Science and Research


Dr. Sapienza was hired under JimmyCarter’s Research Addressed to National Needs at Brookhaven National Lab; helped developed DOE’s Energy Conservation Utilization Technology division; and  is a dedicated and passionate futurist and an optimist. He has worked in and for companies and organizations that want practical and applied solutions and believes science and technology has solutions and ignorance and poverty create most of the world’s problems.

His work includes GTL catalysis, carbon dioxide utilization, water cleanup ANG, drilling mud chemistry, lubricants and other green chemical needs. Dr. Sapienza’s company Enersciences, LLC provides innovative changes for the dynamic drilling and NG industry. Enersciences provides practical science for the home to oil field innovation and the de-icing of airplanes.
Dr. Sapienza’s other company is Visibly Green/Energime is focused on the commercial development of alternative energy processes that promise near-term applications in the field. Visibly Green is constantly working to develop innovative solutions that help reduce operating costs or resolve operational problems. Dr. Rich acts as Technical Director – work in waiting. Continue reading…