Welcome Future Entrepreneurs!

Thanks for signing up for our course. You should be receiving a confirmation email shortly. 

We hit the ground running on Monday, May 30th at 6:30PM EDT sharp.

Some things you need to hit a home run in this course:

  • You will need a webcam—this is a highly interactive course, and participation and being “present” is preferred.
  • You need to attend each class at its scheduled time, just like if you were in a classroom. (If you happen to miss a class or wish to review the materials we will record each class and send you a link to review at your convenience)
  • Reading material in this course is lite. Very lite.  This is a course in experiential learning, not reading about it in a textbook.
  • To prepare for this course, create an idea of a business you want to start. We will help you refine it.  The more thought out this is, the better. Come up with something that really floats your boat.  We’ll test this with you very early on in the program.
  • The mandatory (digital only) course pack includes:
    • The entrepreneur’s manual
    • Course slides
    • Business plan and financial templates
    • Notes from the day’s discussions
    • Keeping track where you are in the course
    • Keeping everything together in the homework and program
  • The course pack is will be sent to you prior to the first class if enrolled by May 21st, and it is immediately downloadable. No time delays in shipping, etc.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to either Professor Wolf or myself.

Otherwise, looking forward to  seeing you on Wednesday at 6:30PM EDT.

Warm regards,
Professor Doering

PS:  Please use my direct email address at:  sdoering@shiftgroup.com