Creating sustainable
economies and green jobs

Who We Are

Energime Institute is embarking on a quest to educate and provide
empowering skills for our global population to re-establish
sustainability for our planet.

Our Three Main Goals


To empower students in new knowledge about sustainable infrastructure to clean technologies to advance agriculture, farming, waste, and water management protocols.


To democratize knowledge that clearly defines how each individual, household, business, and local government can implement changes that support this effort.


To educate our business, governmental, and social leaders so that they understand the protocol required for this process to be resilient and economically feasible.

your career,
and change the
world for
the better.

Dr. Michael B. Timmons

Professor at Cornell University. One of the leading experts on RAS.

  • This course explains the basic engineering principles behind a successful RAS design.
  • It will  provide you sufficient information to design, construct, and manage your own RAS system.
  • It has 14 modules with videos, assignments, quizzes, design workbook and much more.
  • Live sessions with Dr. Timmons.

Partnering with Kentucky State University

Energime Institute is now partnering with the nationally recognized Kentucky State University Aquaculture Program. Their courses offers Energime Certified Students an opportunity to take advantage of an extensive number of College accredited aquaculture courses as part of that cooperative relationship. Upon completion of our introductory Aquaculture Course developed by Professor Michael Timmons of Cornell University, Energime Institute will provide a certification document and a letter of recommendation to the University to all our students requesting admission to their online program.

" Only if we work together can we save the world "
Bill Sosinsky