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A Cure For Global Crises-Breakthrough

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By Mike Waters

Mon Feb. 15, 2016

Our basic understanding of energy is fundamentally flawed.
100% energy efficiency is not a rational barrier in a universe composed of energy.

I use the wind industry as an example because the error we have made regarding the nature of energy itself can be explained using similar logic.  In the wind industry, a simple mistake has cost $billions in lost revenue, reduced performance, higher cost and wasted resources. We can prove this with multiple third party results.Unfortunately the cost of misunderstanding a fundamental law of physics is greater by orders of magnitude. This error has caused global carnage and is a major contributor to every crisis we currently face.

At this early stage of development, it seems a little arrogant to assume any law. After all, we still don’t really understand basic concepts like – what is an atom, electron, proton, neutron or photon? What is gravity, magnetism or time? We don’t even have a unified theory of how everything ties together or what consciousness, life or death is. Any scientific law is at best a sketch of the current extent of our perceived limits. We should be careful not to let these shallow limits become the bars of our cage.

Energy conservation
The error is simple. Energy conservation only applies to a closed system. The irony is, there is no such thing. The logical definition of a closed system requires that energy density must remain constant regardless of scale. This is an indisputable fact.

A closed system cannot exist in a universe where all evidence clearly shows that size is inversely proportional to energy density. Chemical, nuclear, matter/antimatter….. the smaller we look, the greater the energy density.

How can we both observe this evidence at every level and yet almost unanimously believe the opposite is a fundamental law? This inverse relationship is disturbingly obvious. Energy conservation simply reflects the harmonic stability of what we perceive as matter at a visible scale.

Exceeding 100% efficiency is currently considered impossible by mainstream physics. What is ignored is that there can be more than one type of energy conversion occurring.

Energy from nothing
Every educated person “knows” that you can’t get energy from nothing. ​The crucial irrationality in this logic is the belief that there is something called “nothing”. Again, there can be no such thing as nothing in a universe where energy density increases inversely with size.

Consider this. One of our most respected scientists, Richard Feynman, postulated that there “was more energy in an empty cup than is required to boil all of the oceans in the world”. From that perspective, it is irrational to state that you can’t get energy from nothing. The closest approximation to “nothing”, obviously contains almost infinite energy potential.

This is not an argument that can be driven away by logic, science, math, or intellect. It is too obvious, undeniable and disturbing. It is simply – fact.

We can prove open system energy extraction with countless examples now. It is fine to ask how these new energy sources can be tapped. That is a technical issue. It is fine to ask what they are, just as we still ask what an electron, photon or gravity is. It is not fine to ignore this logic or pretend there is no fundamental error when faced with undeniable evidence that a child can understand.

Perpetual Motion
We are also taught that there is no such thing as perpetual motion. In reality, everything we have ever observed is in perpetual motion – every single atom for instance. Again, the opposite of common sense and fact is considered a scientific law.

Any time we look beyond our senses or our current technological extensions of those senses, we find potential infinite. Infinite distance, infinite size, infinite time. How large is the universe? How small is a singularity? What is nothing? what is everything? what is size? Our brain is not wired to fully grasp infinity but we find logically that energy potential is probably infinite in any direction we look, including and most importantly, the infinitely small.

The error relating to energy can be explained in another way. We have seen energy as a form of matter. It is not. With matter, bigger is more. Smaller is less. These are finite perspectives and that is how our brains think. Size cannot apply to energy since size is irrelevant to inverse energy density. A tree does not contain more energy than a toothpick which does not contain more energy than a tree. Both contain infinite energy potential which has no size comparison. The same logic can be applied to the concept of a Big Bang. How can an infinite dimension have a center? Again, the logic is obvious but the global scientific assumption is to believe the ridiculous.

Energy is an infinite concept proven by the inverse size/density relationship. A closed system physics religion has dominated because we have applied finite rules of matter to energy. Matter is a finite concept despite being an illusion. It is is what we see and touch and size matters. What we forget is that matter is composed of energy. Energy is not composed of matter. Finite is composed of infinite, not the other way around.

Summary of False Beliefs
You can’t get energy from nothing.
Fact. There is no such thing as nothing. The closest approximation is probably a source of infinite energy potential.

The law of energy conservation proves that higher than 100% efficiency is impossible. 
The concept of efficiency only applies to a closed system. We exist in the illusion of a closed system within an open system. Anything over 100% efficient is simply tapping a different energy source.

Perpetual motion is impossible
Fact. Everything we have ever observed is in perpetual motion at the atomic level.

Energy Breakthroughs
A few examples:
Paul Babcock/Jim Murray

There are many more I could list. We have created alliances between some of the best. This talent base is expanding rapidly as more researchers in this field see the benefit of collaboration. Most of us realize that competition makes no sense given the sheer size of the energy market and urgency of need. A hundred companies would not be enough to meet global energy demands over the next decade and it’s far easier to be stopped if we try alone. There have been many energy breakthroughs over the last hundred years that never made it. After all, it’s not like reality used to be a closed system. It has just been closed minded.

This is just a small part of a much larger capability and I can’t mention some of the best. Many also connect with breakthroughs in other fields such as health, mining, agriculture, materials, transportation etc. No single inventor or breakthrough can provide all the answers or even come close but collectively we have an armada of solutions that this world desperately needs. By connecting academically, we are also learning far more about the underlying physics. That creates orders of magnitude more potential in all sectors. The more we combine knowledge, the more we learn and the more we accomplish.

A typical predator would look at some of the above links, decide which one to make money from or try to control – in competition with the rest. That is the kind of destructive thinking our culture creates and frankly why I’ve not referenced some of the best.

A competitive business approach may literally mean that you are choosing between a breakthrough in health and a breakthrough in energy without even realizing it. Like myself, most of my colleagues are involved in more than one field. The value is in collaboration of mind, not competition of widget.

Energy and Nature
A primary contributor to maintaining such limiting beliefs lies in the predictable motivations that come from believing that both nature and business are competitive dominant. This is why our misconceptions of both energy and nature are at the heart of every crisis we currently face. We are systemically competitive dominant.

Mathematically, a competitive dominant biological system
must result in a single winner which then dies

With such a clear fundamental perspective, it is now easy to predict that a competitive dominant business structure will eventually threaten an entire life support system. The evidence surrounds us. The following example shows just how destructive such behavior can be.
If a single individual can have such disastrous global influence for almost a century, fooling our greatest scientific minds, does the fault lie with the individual or the unsustainable core belief structure that created him?

We finally have an understanding of how to tap the infinite energy that surrounds us. The related science extends far beyond that capability by orders of magnitude. This is an amazing opportunity for a renaissance but the damage done is considerable. We now have no choice but to adapt rapidly if we are to have any hope of reversing the complex, urgent crises we have created in almost every sector of human activity. We must work together and save our life support system before it is too late. A rapid transition to collaborative dominant business and fuelless energy sources is the only rational option we have left.

Maybe it is fitting to finish with another Einstein quote:

You cannot solve a problem by using the same thinking that created it”





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