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A Cure For Global Crises

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By Mike Waters

Mon Feb. 15, 2016

We now face the greatest convergence of global crises in the history of our civilization. Each is synergistic and complex. The cascading consequences of these threats are beyond our current ability to address with current strategy, science, technology, resources or politics. 

Population levels are increasing rapidly while a broad range of finite vital resources are dwindling, including healthy food, fresh water, fuel, and critical mining resources. Violent competition over diminishing resources is increasing. Arable land is in sharp decline and it is estimated that we will have decimated the worlds oceans within 50 years. Pollution has contaminated even the most remote locations, causing cascading changes to entire ecosystems.

Both the dollar and the Euro are on the verge of collapse. Corrupt corporate, governmental and financial activity is increasing and personal freedom and security is eroding. Poverty, disease, drought, flooding, earthquakes and severe weather are all on the rise as climates are changing. Methane release from thawing permafrost is expanding rapidly over vast areas. NASA predicts that increasing solar storm activity pose a potential catastrophic threat to the global energy grid and everything that depends on it. This is far from a complete list.

From a planetary perspective, species come and go and nature always adapts. From a human perspective, we are killing our life support system and threatening our future. Analyzing the complexity of each issue would take a lifetime of research. Trying to predict the synergistic consequences of so many issues seems almost impossible. We are in conflict with the results of our own misguided actions and we don’t even know why.

Yet, from a new scientific perspective, both the cause and potential solution to the overwhelming complexity of these issues has become crystal clear. In fact, maybe it all comes down to correcting just two basic mistakes.

The issues seem complex because several of our most basic assumptions in science are flawed. These misunderstandings have led to a predictable chain of events that have led us to this point. The greater the level of mainstream education, the more implausible that statement may seem, but that is also part of the problem. Science often involves defense of existing assumption rather than open minded exploration of the unknown. This is not a condemnation of science. It is simply the identification of a disease that has infected it.

                We have misunderstood two fundamental concepts; how nature operates and what energy is.

1.  Nature.
We have believed that nature is primarily competitive and modeled both our economics and environmental interactions on that concept.

2.  Energy.
We have believed that energy is a finite resource that must be transported and utilized at great economic and environmental cost. 

These two beliefs are an underlying cause of every crisis we now face.

If these two simple mistakes are understood and corrected, every current crisis we are dealing with can be solved. Change the basic motivational structure and behavior follows.

1.  Nature is cooperative dominant. This leads to diversity.
     Our economic model must copy nature to be sustainable.

Mathematically, a competitive dominant biological system can only result
in a single winner which then dies”

2.  Energy is abundant and can be accessed for free in any location in the universe.
     This understanding leads to an abundance based sustainable economics.

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it”

In nature, any predator must first support it’s ecosystem if it wishes to thrive. If it is overly competitive, it will destabilize its environment and its offspring may die. Nature is sustainable because a successful predator first cooperates with it’s life support system, the environment within which it competes. That is natural law and it is indisputable.

The evidence of nature’s cooperative dominant diversity is all around us – except in our own civilization. This is why nature is constantly damaged by our actions and why we are in economic decline.

Our competitive dominant beliefs explain why corporations and governments increase in size and become increasingly amoral. It explains why personal freedom inevitably erodes within increasingly centralized economic systems. It explains why so many people attempt to achieve happiness by controlling others rather than living in harmony. It explains why increasingly powerful corporate and governmental structures become more complex, more inept, more corrupt, and defend unsustainable, obsolete technological cash cows like oil, coal and pharmaceuticals.

As a result, the health of our life support system is being sacrificed for individual short term gain. This, coincidentally, is the definition of cancer.

“A competitive dominant biological structure sacrifices long term
survival for short term gain that is defended at all cost.”

Our current understanding of energy is fatally destructive and a primary cause of every crisis we face. Current scientific beliefs support the concept of fuel and an energy grid due to a fundamental misconception that has been taught as fact. In reality, energy is everywhere in unlimited quantity. The emergence of open system physics and related energy sources such as LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions), prove this fact. This is not theoretical. These technologies exist and are entering production.

Several scientific assumptions such as the law of conservation of energy are foundational to all other scientific knowledge and this constriction is where the fault lies. Conservation of energy only applies to a closed system. The universe is an open system. Even a solar cell draws its energy from an exterior source.

In reality, energy can be accessed for free in any location in a universe
that is composed of unlimited energy at the most fundamental level.

That is the tiny shift in understanding that will change the world as we know it.

Abundance Economics
With abundant energy, any climate or location can become a localized paradise at no cost to man or nature.

It is the combination of abundance based and cooperative dominant economics that allows both recovery and future sustainability to occur naturally without having to understand the overwhelming complexity of each crisis. This is vital to understand since it provides us with a simple road map to recovery. Curing insanity cannot be achieved by studying complex irrational symptoms. It can only be achieved by understanding cause.

“An economy based on free energy is based on abundance.
Abundance fosters collaboration.”

Birth of a renaissance 
Transition to a free energy economy is vital if we are to have any hope of providing the abundance that encourages collaborative economics. If you have an economically free energy source, accomplishing anything else becomes far easier. If you don’t have to dig up fuel, refine it, transport it, dispense it, pay for it, carry it in a vehicle, store it in a tank or batteries, get it to the engine, power the engine, dump the polluted remains in the atmosphere, how much simpler does creating motion or electricity become? Imagine the impact of removing the cost of heating a greenhouse in the winter or the fuel cost of transporting food, goods or people thousands of miles.

The true physics of sustainability is not about survival. It is about thriving in partnership with a thriving environment. This then allows us to evolve by creating technologies that provide access to unlimited resources and even the stars. If you don’t have to carry fuel, where can you go and how fast?

Legacy of a technological dark age
Should we admire what we have achieved in the last 100 years? What would we have accomplished with free energy instead? Is it being too harsh to ask if a tumor should admire itself? It all depends on your point of view. What have we created with the science and technologies of unsustainable competition and energy ignorance? Have we cured diseases or just learned to profit by treating them? Have we honored nature or threatened her? Have we achieved peace, equity or removed poverty, or have we spent most of our resources on power, war and created suffering and poverty for the majority to benefit a small minority? Is a car, boat, jet or rocket in balance with nature as it moves, or does it pollute? Do our farming practices support nature or contaminate her with chemicals, soil depletion and short sighted genetic manipulations. Do our roads support life or are they barriers that pollute and divide ecosystems?

Skeptics and academic arrogance
In a universe of infinite potential, logically, any certainty in what is “known” is an irrational concept. In a healthy collaborative environment, egos are more balanced and science is an expression of our desire to discover and explore the unknown. In a competitive dominant environment, fear and ego often override curiosity and knowledge. This is a symptom, not an attribute.

“There is nothing that we currently know that we
should have the arrogance to defend with certainty.”

The implications of these recent breakthroughs are vital to understand. Every day that we waste in denial takes us closer to the edge. Nature, our life support system, is already straining under the load of what we have created. Within current belief systems, the sheer magnitude and diversity of crises we face will not be addressed in time. In other words, our existing beliefs are not a survivable option.

A number of new energy systems are now entering the market place without fanfare. In the US, LENR research is still considered career suicide within the limitations of mainstream physics. Yet, working devices exist and have for years. In reality, there are many ways to tap this unlimited field of energy – the energetic basis of reality as we know it.

The future
The physics that is emerging will have far greater impact than providing economically free energy sources. We are beginning to explore a more unified understanding of an intrinsically conscious universe. As in the past, what may appear magic is only a higher level of science yet to be discovered and there now appear to be few limits to what we can discover or achieve. Rapid transportation to any point in the universe is just one potential implication. Abundant energy and economics is just the beginning if we just have the courage to adapt.




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