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Adrian Thomas (An Unusual Life)

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David Adrian Thomas, Esq., M.C.I.H.T. Founder, Sole Owner, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of the County Surveyors Society International Ltd., Dolau, Nebo, Llanon, UK.

Adrian has been a promulgator of self-sufficient urban, rural and maritime development since very young. He planned his first model development at age 7½ in the UK and had his sights set on building his next in Canada. However, he suffered a head injury on his way home from school the day he qualified at age 15½. This caused him amnesias so he was unable to travel. Therefore the County Surveyors Society retrained him to stay in the UK.

He began the retraining by winning an international town and country planning competition. This was to move the Royal Mint from London in England to the provinces. It was needed for the introduction of decimal currency for entry of the UK into the EEC. He proposed a 1930s new town development plan by Professor Patrick Abercrombie as a cover. It related to Llantrisant, in Wales. Abercrombie wanted to make it into a dormitory town for the City of Cardiff. This was to avoid urban sprawl of Cardiff into green belt. Adrian’s plan was the most sustainable of all the provinces that competed. It covered the entire globe of highways and transportation. The Royal Mint needed transport access to and from every government building and bank in the world. No other province factored this into their plan. It provided him with full time professional employment until his retirement, aged 65. He worked in secret with his government’s intelligence services MI5 and MI6, as they provide the security for the Royal Mail. He worked with every international, national, regional, and local government in the world. It included the European Space Agency providing high security by surveillance from space. The year before he retired, his flagship transport hub attracted world status as UNESCO added included it in ‘Biosfer Dyfi Biosphere’. Following retirement he updated his CV and wrote an autobiographical trilogy and compendium of his life and work. It went viral and captured slots #1, #2, #4 and #5, of the Amazon UK Best Sellers list in his genre and niche overnight. Then it captured the same slots in the Amazon Global Best Sellers list in a week. In consequence, Arianna Huffington, of The Huffington Post, invited him to ‘have a voice’ on that publication. He now also broadcasts in audio-video format on CNNiReports. It allowed him to have a conversation with the US public. They asked him to devise a holistic system of life coaching and counselling for people living in the US with autism and Asperger’s Syndrome. Its aim was to reduce their premature deaths and suicides rates. So he developed a pro bono internet coaching and counselling practice. It achieved a success rate of 99.9%. So he compiled it into a pro bono automated email delivery service. He is now collaborating in a joint venture with a US university to offer these clients education and training in sustainable entrepreneuring.


Adrian Ambassador Article

Me and My Biosphere The CV of DAT1945EsqMCIHT

I was a blue baby, born dead from oxygen starvation, on the first day of spring, 1945. I can remember my senses flickering out. It took about 75 seconds. I didn’t know any different. I just went with the flow. I had no choice. And the next thing I know I was flying. I could not see well. But it was good enough for me to see someone was carrying me. Well I could hardly fly without help. I couldn’t even crawl yet. “I’m Grim,” a voice said, “the Grim Reaper. I’m taking you to Heaven, to see God.” I thought, “Why?” and he immediately replied, “To have and to hold! That’s his duty not mine. He’ll walk, and talk, and play with you until the maternity team are ready to have you back.” “I’m going back?” I asked. “Yes!” was his reply, just as we passed the Pearly Gates, to fly into the City of Gold, and the Temple of God. He flew me into the Holy of Holies, where God was sitting on his Throne, and gave me to Him. “Right” said God. “Yep” replied the Grim Reaper and flew back out of the Holy of Holies.”This is okay, death.” I thought. “It is,” answered God, “better than being alive sometimes. But life is better than death, as it has meaning and it has purpose.” “What are they?” I thought. He chuckled, “That’s for me to know and for you to find out.” I realized by this time that he was the boss, so I said, “Okay, you are the boss, you don’t have to tell me.” “Patience, little one!” He said, “We’ll tell you in three days.” “What are my meaning and purpose?” I wondered. But he did have time to say anything in response. At that moment The Grim Reaper rushed in  saying, “They are ready for you.” And he took me from God, flew me back to Earth, put me back in my mortal coil, and kick started me back to life.

There was a similar event two days after my birth. Except I fell from a car my father was driving me and mother home in. And I died of head injuries not oxygen starvation. And it was my mother’s grandfather on her mother’s side that brought me back to life.

And I died in my cot in the early hours of the third day. But this time it all felt contrived. All my ancestors were waiting for me in heaven. And my father and mother and her maternal grandfather died too and also came to heaven to join us. God christened me David Adrian Thomas. It was because three ancestors with those names wanted it and my mum and dad agreed. They became my guides and mentors for life.

My father and mother then proposed God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost as my guides and mentors too. And they said okay. And my mother’s Grampa volunteered Gaea, Zeus and Hermes also. So I returned to Earth with nine secret invisible friends that I did not have before my christening.

That afternoon my mother’s Grampa flew me to heaven after lunch to have tutorials from my mentors. They had explained my meaning and purpose in the early hours. And these tutorials expanded them so that I would capture and own them.

Grampa flew me to heaven every day after lunch, until I was 3½ years old, after that, for tutorials, 6 days a week.

He taught me to read and write and do maths, music, poetry, arts and sciences mornings. Then I had the tutorials afternoons and evenings. He was deaf and dumb, and taught me by telepathy and telekinesis, as did my mentors. So I wasn’t taught to speak by them. Our church and its ministers, elders and congregation taught me to speak. But it was all churchy, so significant outsiders diagnosed this as autistic.

I never saw Grampa in the flesh after I was 3½. It was because we did a joint suicide attempt the day before I was due to start at the County Nursery School nearby. So I flew solo to heaven for my tutorials from 3½ to 4½. I started going to a different County Nursery School at 4½. They kept me locked in a storecupboard each day, all day. This was so my daily trips to heaven and back would not interrupt the curriculum.

The same happened for the next two school years when I attended the County Infants School. They called me an autistic savant but could not manage my elementary education. It made no difference to me. I was happy in my storecupboard as quiet and confined spaces make me feel safe. I continued my home-schooling studies in those storecupboards. It enabled me to win college and university entrance scholarships at 8 and 11.

But at age 7, I encountered the worse kind of prejudice you can have with autism. It happened in the first morning assembly of the County Junior School I began attending.

Its headmaster called my autistic interests and abilities “Witchcraft”. And he proceeded to remind all the other pupils and teachers of that school what the bible says of it. I.e., Thou Shalt Not Suffer A Witch To Live.

They tried to kill me 4 times a day, each day, for the next 5 days. So I killed myself and went to heaven before they could get to me each time. Then I waited until they left me for dead and went back to class. And as soon as I saw the coast was clear I returned to my mortal coil and kick started it back to life.

It inflamed the headmaster but it made me believe what he said was true.  So on the Friday, after school, I ran away from home and killed myself to speak to God direct. I wanted to know if I was a witch and deserved to die. He said no, so I came back to life. But I was away for over 48 hours that time. and rigor mortis set in and I lost my finger, thumb and toe nails due to the decay.

My mother was stripping and washing my body down in preparation for autopsy when I came back to life. Had I not done so no-one would have known I killed myself and why. The undertaker was waiting to screw me into a coffin to take me to the morgue. I would have died in it had I not come back to life when I did.

But, that way, my father and mother refused to let me go back to that school. The church and my extended family chipped in to fund private education for me for the next 4 years. Hence those scholarships. They paid for articled pupillages so I qualified at age 15½.

I was due to set sail next day to my first job. But the headmaster of the County Junior School cracked my head open and spilled my brains out to stop me going. The County Education Authority arranged a tribunal of inquiry. But he got away with it as I could remember nothing.

The amnesia continued for almost 35 years. It came to an end because I had hypno regression therapy to repair a nervous breakdown caused by the amnesia. In therapy the psychiatrist diagnosed I had the autism spectrum disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome.

The discovery made my performance at work skyrocket. He and my boss asked me to coach and counsel work colleagues I suspected had it. I suspected all the members of the County Surveyors Society had it. They all agreed they did. So I negotiated retirement/redundancy for them and they left.

My boss asked me to stay on to sew up all the loose ends they which I said yes. My former colleagues asked me to continue with my coaching and counselling, so I said yes to that too.

I had to work 24/7/52 to cope with the demand and that gave me sleep deprivation so I killed myself. But I got sent back to sew up loose ends I would have left if they had let me stay dead.

I’m glad I survived it because UNESCO awarded my flagship ‘Man and Biosphere’ status. This makes it a model for others to emulate.

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