Goal #4 for Transforming our World 2015-2030: Quality Education

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Despite being as poor as church mice and suffering occasional hunger due to the war and our low income, the one thing I wasn’t deprived of was a quality education. How I got it was very elaborate and that is a story in itself, and it earned me the highest professional qualification attainable in my country, which is another story in itself, and gave me a brilliant career improving the health, wealth, happiness and security of billions of people worldwide, which is a third story in itself worthy of telling in its own right.


It happened because I was born into a royally privileged dynastic bloodline brought into Britain in 1066 by William the Conqueror and his Squires of the Shires, his half brothers, Robert and Odo. They had the so-called Autism Spectrum Disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome, but it didn’t go by those labels in those days. They referred to it as a knowledge and it was derived from their having a quality education. And, every member of the association they founded on the day of William’s coronation, called the County Surveyors Society, on account of its functional role, had that condition.


In those days, quality education was a domain of the aristocracy. In fact it was kept from the masses lest they developed notions above their station in life, well, such station in life as their rulers assigned to them. The masses were regarded as cattle were regarded: only useful if they had an economic value. When the Indus Valley civilization began trying out scientific farming methods, they tried out scientific bloodstock breeding among each other, for raising their economic value. That meant selecting some to do some jobs but not others, which is where divisions of labour, and layers of supervision and management, began.


And it meant being privy to their particular strain of dynastic knowledge and this was passed down, from generation to generation, by word of mouth, so it tended to gravitate in families, which led to a social caste system, with multitudinal layers of caste each bearing its own special educational knowledge. In England, there is purported documentary evidence of a secret guild or college, set up by King Athelstan (924-939), with such an educational function, along the lines of Masonry, but if such a guild was created, then it was annihilated by the conquest and colonisation of the British Isles by William the Conqueror, his Squires of the Shires, and their progenies, who founded and thereafter sustained the County Surveyors Society, which has played a vital part in my education, training and experience, because the conquest necessitated culling (killing) all the indigenous males and tupping (raping) all the indigenous females, to destroy the heretical Anglo Saxon bloodline that settled here after migrated here from Germany, after the Holy Roman Catholic Empire excommunicated them from the Church, and confiscated all their real estate. And, the pedagogy taught by the County Surveyors Society to its family was sustainable real estate governance, management and administration, and that’s what it taught me. So, without more ado, here are the three stories that I mentioned in my opening paragraph. I’ll title them, My Education, My Training, and My Internship, as all three parts are needed to convert ‘Education’ into ‘Quality Education’.


My Education


I was taught to read and write and do mathematics, arts, crafts, sciences, technologies, languages and humanism, by my mother’s maternal grandfather, with whom we lived until I was 3½ years old, as he was a widower, and retired, and done this with all his children and some of their children, and even my father, all in the same manner before. I was the only one of all his great grandchildren to have the same privilege as them, and it made me who I became and am to, this very day, a more rounded and mature individual than I would have been.


This is because he was deaf, dumb, autistic, feral, and shamanic in his religion and philosophy, and taught me sustainable real estate governance, management and administration as it was his profession, when he had been working. The estate he governed, managed and administered had belonged to his wife, and been inherited by his eldest daughter, when his wife died, not by him. It was our family tradition that the spouse of the proprietor of the estate should be its day-to-day manager, and should receive the free use of one of the cottages of the estate, upon the death of the estate owner, until the end of life, but not inherit it or the estate to supply an income. It was a sensible tradition that kept gold-diggers at arms length.


I never knew his name, not even to this very day, but called him what everybody else seemed to call him, Grampa, or, occasionally, Gramps, not that it mattered to him, for he was deaf and dumb and couldn’t therefore hear or say it himself. He communicated with us by telepathy and telekineses, as animals, birds, insects and nature’s other creatures do, and we did so back to him, but not to each other, for a very good reason. He had also taught my dad the same way, when he lived with him and his family for a short while in his childhood. It gave him a special place in all our lives, as he was the only living person in the world who saw us as we really were inside, and what made us tick. That was the reason we didn’t use telepathy and telekinesis one with another.


The educational curriculum and text he taught us from was the 1908-1910 loose-leaf edition of a Children’s Encyclopaedia as it was the only educational curriculum and text recommended by the United Kingdom Government at the time, for education of children of its officials at home and abroad, as preparations for the ‘Oxbridge’ university external entrance examinations of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth of Nations that prevailed at that time.


It served me well, as it enabled me to win my first higher education scholarship at the age of 8½ and my second and third at age 11½, and win the highest professional qualification attainable in the land at age 15½, and, despite a very severe head injury that gave me very severe amnesias, I had a fabulous 50 year professional career improving the health, wealth, happiness and security of, literally, billions of citizens around the world.


He taught us all in the same physical way, by sitting us on his left knee, with the support of his left arm around our shoulders, and holding the lesson of the day in his left hand, then, using the index finger of his right hand, or the stem of his tobacco pipe, as a pointer, attract our attention to a word, or a phrase, or a sentence, or a phrase, or a photograph, or diagram, or a whole page, and implant its meaning in our heads using a combination of telepathy and telekinesis. He used telepathy to convey both verbal and numerate data, and telekinesis to convey related spatial data.


My Training


Though I received some training from him, I did not communicate with him between 3½ and 4½, as we attempted suicide when I was 3½ and other members of our family kept us separated and blocked any telepathy and telekinesis between us until he died when I was 4½. This particular training was in a vitally important part of sustainable real estate governance, management and administration, namely, suicide avoidance and prevention, as you can hardly keep a real estate alive if you kill yourself. The method he used was bizarre by normal ways of life, as it involved dying and coming back to life, between a couple of minutes and a couple of days later.


It never worried my parents as he had trained them in it also and they knew that he allowed no risks to enter into the training that he could not control. I continued practicing this training on my own until my head injury at age 15½ made me forget how to do it. It caused problems when I attended state education, as witnessing someone dying and coming back to life, disconcerted normal children and adults and threw them into a frenzy. At Nursery and Infants School I used to be locked in storeroom all day, every day, so that my dying and coming back to life wouldn’t interrupt the educational curriculum of other pupils.


At Junior School, the approach was rather different. ‘Kill the witch’ was the policy that its Head Teacher advocated, rather than lock me away, and it made attempt suicide again. As a result, my parents withdrew me from state education and tutored me privately. Winning scholarships funded this expense so the fees  did not come out of my parents’ meagre incomes. Our Church chipped in too, as, also, did the Education Authority, so it was all amicably arranged. The Head Master of the Primary Schools campus of the village was both my Education Inspector and my Examinations Invigilator, so I would not lose contact with the state system as it had a statutory duty to ensure I had a politically acceptable education.


The Head Teacher of the Junior School refused to accept that I had been taken out of his power when I was, and sought to interfere with my health at every opportunity that presented. He lived opposite us, so avoiding him was not easy, and his step-father was one of our family doctors, so that did not help either, but we got through it with the assistance of our mastermind friends, life, death, nature, fate, fortune, god, the universe, and all that, whatever, who always stood by me, as our intentions were so well aligned.


I rounded off my training with four years under Articled Pupillages at the Grammar School in the town where we lived, and we lived in a house very close to it for the last three years of them, so I had no trouble attending. One of my Articled Pupillages was run of the mill. However, the other was as bizarre as my training from Grampa as it involved my exercising my abilities for remote viewing surveillance and out of body flight, which Grampa had taught me. It was in connection with the lesser of my Articled Pupillages, ‘Architecture and Design with Town and Country Planning in mind’. My tutor of it was a County Surveyors Society consultant to regional governments at home and abroad, and he engaged me in those projects. One was in India, where he was raised as a child, and one in Britain, updating a project he had been engaged in whilst under training. Both projects needed accurate, real-time, surveys, so I had to use those two special abilities to undertake them.


My Internship


I received my internship from the County Surveyors Society chapter for Monmouthshire and South Wales, starting in my home county of Glamorganshire and ending in the neighbouring county of Monmouthshire, with minor diversions into district council work and city council work in Glamorgan, and troubleshooting duties in England based in Berkshire. I undertook my internship in such a fog of amnesias that I acted as a back room workaholic zombie on auto pilot. To make it worse, everything I did at work was subject to the official secrets acts, so I wasn’t allowed to even to make notes of what I did, day to day, or discuss anything I did, but with the other officers of the county surveyors society who were in on the secrets, and even then only on a need to know basis. I couldn’t even let anyone know who I was, lest I put the secrets I held at risk of discovery by doing so, as there was total paranoia in those days about organized crime (Mafia), terrorism (Irish Republican Army) and espionage (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) finding out what I was doing, so I had to keep my brain as empty as I could, which was not hard for me, as it emptied every time I slept, and I slept at work before going home at night, so my knowledge never left the office.


My superiors parcelled up my assignment so they would only take me one day to do. It was never easy to do this for me, as anyone who has ever tried project planning creative work will know. Some days I would still be at my desk at four or five o’clock the next morning, trying to get closure of an assignment. The security staff got used to finding me like that, or sitting on a toilet with my trousers around my ankles, fast asleep. I was like a little lost boy, but nearly an adult by then, and would often fall asleep on a park bench outside the office, just for a rest, before the long journey home.


Sometimes when travelling home by bus or train, I would sleep all the way to the terminus, where the bus or train company personnel would find me. On several occasions, I was locked in a police cell as a vagrant, or a druggy, after being handed over to them by a security officer of one of those companies who couldn’t tell if I was a vagrant or druggy. It was real twilight zone stuff. Some people tried to take advantage of me when I was like this, as my ‘mind’ wasn’t in my brain or body when I slept. It was out there in the wide blue yonder or on a distant planet in the cosmos, the one where I think I should have been born, not here.


The project the County Surveyors Society for Monmouthshire and South Wales was responsible for, was, devising a sustainable real estate development plan for the transfer of the Royal Mint from London in England to a provincial site in South Wales. In the course of my Articled Pupillages at Grammar School, in my home town, one of my tasks had been to update a 1930s New Town Development Plan for Llantrisant near Cardiff in Glamorgan. So I proposed that as a suitable location for the Royal Mint as I had added a very comprehensive highways and transportation development plan to it, and the new Royal Mint would need such a comprehensive development plan to service all the sites throughout the world that it wished to serve. There were militant factions in Wales that might attempt to disrupt the economic growth of the new town if given half a chance and I had taken that into account, in adding that highways and transportation development plan to the new town development plan I had updated. All that ‘my’ New Town Development Plan for Llantrisant needed to facilitate the transfer of the Royal Mint from London was to amend one land allocation. So that’s what I did and the plan won UK Treasury approval.


For years I remained locked in the idea that Llantrisant would be developed by a New Town Development Corporation funded by the UK Treasury, but a public inquiry was held to determine that and went against the plan. The Royal Mint came to us, anyway, so every other aspect of my plan was endorsed and funding began flowing quietly to it. But nobody told me, so I didn’t know, until just after Phase 1 of the new Mint was opened by her Majesty the Queen and I was told to pack my bags and go troubleshoot highways and transport projects of my plan in England as they were being held up by all sorts of petty red tape.


And so I did. It was an immense honour, as I was responsible for asserting and protecting the rights of her Majesty and Royal Family to the use and enjoyment of all Works and Highways in the Household Division of the Palace, Great Park and Forest of Windsor Castle including all their accessibility and connectivity to Wales.


But it came at a cost to me. Apart from each weekend when I came home to see my family, I cried myself to sleep every night with the pain of the Welsh ‘hiraeth’, a type of homesickness for the land of Wales.


But, that aside, I spent a wonderful tour of duty in England, and was conditioned by my day to day duties to conduct my thoughts, words and deeds, as a minor royal, such as I was, due to my bloodline connection with William the Conqueror and his Squires of the Shires of England, Robert and Odo, though this never crossed my mind until many years later.


From there I moved to Monmouthshire, to assist its integration with Wales, as a Parliamentary county of Wales. I think it was regarded as independent until then.


But, be that as it may, I was there for 4 years, 2½ of them employed by the Council of Monmouthshire and 1½ by the Council of Gwent.


That was the end of my retraining after the head injury I suffered at age 15½ so the end of my internship with the County Surveyors Society of Monmouthshire and South Wales.


But the County Surveyors Society of Monmouthshire and South Wales continued needing my services, so I moved to the county of Dyfed to develop the district of Ceredigion (Cardiganshire) until my retirement 35 years later, which is another story which I will save for another day.

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